Get referrals, not leads

With traditional leads, you pay for leads up front whether or not buyers ever close. mellohome gives you ready-to-transact customers who’ve received digital credit and underwriting pre-approvals, connected with experienced local loanDepot loan consultants, and have requested to be connected with a local agent to start the process of purchasing a home.

Seamless, uninterrupted service

The mellohome and loanDepot partnership ensures seamless, uninterrupted service throughout the home financing and home buying process. We ensure real-time response time and clarity for the client, and are there to help you and the loan consultant. There is no fee for real estate agents to join mellohome, but we do verify that you share our service and responsiveness standards before we start sending homebuyers to you.

Grow your business, wherever you are

Wherever you do business in the U.S., we are there to partner with you and help you serve more local homebuyers. If you already work with a loanDepot loan consultant, they can recommend you for mellohome. If you don’t work with loanDepot, you can still sign up for mellohome to help grow your business by getting connected with ready-to-transact buyers.

Digital referrals, human service

When you're a part of mellohome, we'll keep referrals coming your way in real-time through digital delivery so you can track all of your progress with your new homebuyer clients. But whenever you need help tracking progress of a buyer, understanding how our system works, or anything else, just pick up the phone and the mellohome team is at your service.